Heroes' Role
A rules-light role playing game for tabletop play

While based on some earlier work on a much more complex RPG I did in college and the years following, this version's true genesis is from a contest suggested by David Schirduan on his Google Plus feed. The goal? To create a tabletop RPG in 200 words or less. Despite the obvious difficulty of such a challenge, the contest has a lot of really good entries, and you can see them here:

200 Word RPG Challenge

Looking over the other entries, I thought a lot of them were good, but a little too "fluffy" for my personal taste. I wanted a simple RPG system I could use to run a fairly standard fantasy game in a setting of my choice. In other words, I wanted a system that offered "crunch", so that players and gamemasters could create the fluff themselves. That desire was the primary inspiration for my submission to the contest.

Questions? Comments? You can contact me at:


200 Word Contest Submission (pdf)
The original 200 word version, as submitted to the contest. Includes basic rules, a character sheet, and a zero word beginning adventure.

Am I done? Probably not. Watch this space for an expanded and clarified set of the rules designed to fit on 3"x5" index cards, and eventually, additional rules that help fill out the concept for people that want more rules for more situations.