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003 - Area: Murderous Descent

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The death-filled valley of Tyrandel has been good for animals that feast on carrion, and the crows are no exception. Unfortunately, some of the crows have feasted upon the carcass of the great monster that destroyed the city, and it has driven them into a murderous frenzy. As the party descends from the pass and is in the midst of some road switchbacks, a large flock passes overhead, their raucous cries sounding unusually harsh and shrill in the silence of the devastated valley.

Early Warning

Easy Perception - The murder of crows is actually circling overhead, rather than just passing by.

Medium Animal Skill Check - Success gives enough warning before the crows intention to attack becomes obvious to sound the alert, so PCs can cast a defensive spell, seek cover, draw weapons, or take any other quick preparatory action.

Optional Encounter

A swarm of crows descends as the party, with glowing red eyes and harsh cries that sound almost like language. If your game system doesn't have swarm rules, consider treating it as a large monster that always hits for low damage, has a fairly high amount of hit points, but that takes double or triple damage from area-affecting attacks.


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