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006 - Store: Scarver's Tent of Oddities

Scarver's ambitions are large, but they haven't yet come to complete fruition. For the moment, he's been concentrating on acquiring items of significance with his ample funds, but a lot of the stuff that's coming his way from the ruins of Tyrandel is compromised. Exactly how he's tallying up the win/loss column in his head may be of less interest to the party than the "goods" he's offering up for sale.

In addition to the listed items, he has a good selection of low level magic potions, a handful of magic scrolls, and a small assortment of luxuries and alchemical remedies. This is all inventory which he brought with him and will sell at market rate. In addition, If the party finds things of interest and brings them to him, he'll pay about 40% of what they would sell for on the open market.

(Note: Some of the below items might have plot significance later in the adventure, either because there's more to them that meets the eye, or because there is a certain disrepute and social stigma associated with buying the looted goods of great heroes and brandishing them openly.)

Purchasable Items

Sword hilt of Banesmiter - Once the sword of peerless hero Tegrin the Untouchable, this weapon had its blade snapped off just above the hilt when the behemoth's tentacle smashed its owner through one of the buildings. While what enchantments it once held now seem mostly irrelevant, it does still glow with a bright soothing light, ceaselessly casting light as bright as a typical torch. Scarver is willing to sell it for about twice the typical cost of a magical everburning torch.

Heartfinder Stave - Once the longbow of the elven champion Geldagan, who fell in battle defending Tyrandel, one end of the bow has been roughly chopped off by something that looks like the marks of many small teeth. Now impossible to string, it retains just enough of the enchantment that made it a bow of legend to make it a serviceable quarterstaff, and the runes etched along its length lend it a certain cachet. It functions as an extremely well made quarterstaff, and Scarver will sell it for approximately the price of a master-crafted staff.

The Crossing Feather - A magical feather that has had many of its quills snapped off, and has a suspicious bend in its spine. Neatly etched into its base is the elvish word for "crossing". Scarver has no idea what it is, or what it's supposed to do, but he secretly suspects that it is broken to the point of uselessness. He's tried the word, and the only result has been that the magical aura of the feather has dimmed for 24 hours. Since most such items are single-use, he'll grudgingly let it go for the price of two basic healing potions. (In truth, there's nothing wrong with the feather at all, it is just magically meant to create a rope suspension bridge of up to 50' in length, and Scarver has only tried the activating word in locations where there is no obvious gap to bridge.)

Everdripping Flask - A crushed metal flask, irreparably damaged by the falling stone pillar that Scarver scavenged it from under, when held upside down, emits a slow drip of slightly metallic-tasting water. If all of the water is collected by leaving it over a basin, it produces barely enough water to keep an adventuring party from dying of thirst. Scarver's decided to price it at about the cost of a basic magical healing potion.


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