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009 - Room: The Temple of the River Goddess - Narthex

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When the players enter the Narthex, either through the main doors or from the interior hallway, they find a space that is somehow very calming. There are two opposing benches under two paintings. One shows a river landscape scene, the other a battle between the river goddess and some sort of flaming demonic creature. The benches are comfortable, and the temperature is always pleasant for the time of year.

The main feature of the room is a burbling pool of water with a statue off the River Goddess with her arms outstretched in welcome. The water appears clean, and unlike the courtyard fountains, free of coins or other debris.


Easy Appraisal - The paintings are quite valuable, each worth perhaps as much as a basic healing potion. (However, attempting to take them may be ill-advised, see encounter below)

Easy Perception - The burbling in the fountain doesn't seem to come from any spout or drain, but rather seems to be occurring from some unseen cause.

Medium Perception - There is a vaguely humanoid shape, apparently made of water itself, moving around within the pool. (See encounter below)

Easy Planar Knowledge - The shape is a human-sized water elemental. They are typically summoned to do someone's bidding, and often have specific tasks.

Possible Encounter

The water elemental will not emerge from the pool unless one of the following happens. If it does appear, it becomes distinctly shaped as it steps out of the pool, to take on the appearance of an extremely beautiful woman made of water, with a shimmering curtain of falling water that surrounds her like a dress.

It is injured by an attack - It will emerge from the pool and attack relentlessly until killed, at which point it will become normal water.

Someone attempts to remove the paintings - It will emerge from the pool and attack relentlessly with non-lethal attacks until either the paintings are returned to the wall or it is injured. If paintings are returned, it will return to pool. If injured by attacks, it will switch to lethal attacks, and act as above.

It is commanded by a cleric or paladin of the river goddess - It will emerge from the pool and follow any orders it is given until killed or ordered to return to the pool.

Someone fervently pays for aid from the river goddess while standing in the Narthex - It will be granted an infinitesimal portion of the consciousness of the River Goddess, though it can only communicate by nodding yes, shaking its head no, shrugging, pointing in directions or pointing at objects. It knows what a priest of the River Goddess might know about the temple. If asked questions about the future, it can perform a divinely inspired augury 3 times/day, indicating a positive outcome with a smile and nod, a negative outcome with a frown and shake of the head, and a maybe result with a shrug. Once it has done this three times it will return to the pool and lie still, not emerging again until the next day.


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