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011 - Room: The Temple of the River Goddess - Dining Hall

The dining hall is set with clean wooden bowls and tableware, and the sideboard has a fine selection of foods, many clearly fresh, the bread and soup still steaming. The smells are good, it's simple but hearty fare, and looks very tasty and well-prepared. The soup smells particularly savory, with hints of fresh herbs. Hanging on the wall is a dramatic painting of the River Goddess.

Despite being prepared by unseen undead hands, the food is all perfectly edible and conveys no ill-effects, in fact, it's likely to be the best food a typical adventuring party will have had in weeks.


Medium Investigation - It's not immediately apparent, but any time the whole party leaves the room empty and then returns later, the food is different, but there is never any interaction between the kitchen and the dining hall. (In fact, the food is from various historical meals served at the temple, brought forward in time by the high priestess's spell.)

Medium Cooking - Some of the food is surprisingly historical, involving recipes no longer in vogue, or ingredients that are rare or unknown from past centuries.

Easy Appraise - The painting is engaging, but not hugely valuable, worth perhaps 30 silver coins.


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