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013 - Rooms: The Temple of the River Goddess - Quarters

These quarters seem, at first glance, to be pretty ordinary rooms for novices of the church and/or valued servants. However, any time a room is empty, even for a split second, the contents of the room shift. This is because for more than a hundred years, the occupants have changed frequently, and each new set of residents have rearranged the rooms to fit. Thus, under the influence of the High Priestess’s time spell, there’s no common pattern for her magic to “fix” on, and the rooms are in a constant state of temporal flux.


Easy Investigation - Nothing in the rooms can be touched or grabbed for more than a split second. When you try, it shifts a few feet to the left or right, or disappears, or changes into another object. This is true whether you grab at it by hand, indirectly, or by magic spell.

Medium Perception - The walls and floors shift in amount of visible staining, weather, and damage. Sometimes they are old and worn, other times, freshly plastered, and even occasionally made of a wooden building material instead of the temple’s typical brick. If one focuses on the windows themselves, the panes of glass occasionally sprout cracks, are replaced by different glass, or, in a few cases, are missing altogether.

Easy Historical Knowledge - The visible book titles on shelves and tables change frequently to very old books, and sometimes older versions of the language itself. Similarly, clothing, paintings, and even bedding shifts to reflect various styles of times gone by.

Medium Historical Knowledge - All of the furnishings can be placed as things that historically existed. None of them appear to be from the future. (The temple, after all, was destroyed two weeks ago, there will be no future temple in this exact location.)


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